Monday, February 21, 2011

Planning Stages

Currently, we are in the process of getting the word out to people in Orange County who are interested in having an Anglican Ordinariate parish one day. It starts small, step by step. The first step is just to see if there's a reasonable number of people committed to coming together to form a group. The next is to begin monthly meetings, and then - if growth occurs - weekly.

All Catholics are invited to join us, as well as anyone from outside the Catholic Church who is intending to be received, and is interested in the forthcoming Anglican Ordinariate. But obviously this is especially for Catholics who used to be Anglican or Episcopalian, have immediate family members who are now Catholic and who were (or are intending on being received), and those current Anglicans and Episcopalians intending to be received into the Catholic Church. In other words, this group is for those serious about both joining the Ordinariate and forming a parish of the Ordinariate in Orange County.

The goal is to have plans for our first meeting solidified very shortly. The first meeting will be Evensong (Rite I) from the Book of Divine Worship, followed by a short presentation of the history of the Ordinariate.

I look forward to getting to meet many new people who, though we haven't met yet, share similar spiritual journeys into the Catholic Church in our common heritage of our Anglican patrimony.
God bless you all,

Fr. Bartus