Thursday, March 3, 2011

Next Step: April 3 Meeting

Our first meeting will be on April 3, 2011, at 6:00 PM at Blessed Sacrament Episcopal Church, in Placentia, CA, for an Ecumenical Evensong and Benediction. The guest presenter will be Father Al Baca, Vicar for Ecumenism for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange. He will speak on the history and current state of the relationship between the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion. A reception in Scully Hall will follow with a time for questions and answers and general discussion.

At this meeting we hope to collect a list of names of those who intend on forming the Anglican Use Society of Orange County with the purpose of becoming a parish of the forthcoming Anglican Ordinariate in Orange County. It is essential that this list be composed of those current Anglicans/Episcopalians who intend on being received into the Catholic Church via the Ordinariate, or those current Roman Catholics of an Anglican/Episcopal background.
There will also be a list for those simply interested in joining us to learn more, and aren't ready to commit, as well as those intending on helping with the formation of a parish (current Roman Catholics with no Anglican background), so that we can keep everyone in the loop together.

Update: The time of this meeting on Sunday, April 3, will be 6:00 PM.

God bless you all!

Fr Bartus+